Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trick for Homeowners Repairing your own Sprinklers

Before I began Burbank Sprinkler I was a homeowner who attempted to repair my own sprinklers.  My take on this is that it is a two person task.  One person to stay and try and get some digging done and another to make the 16 trips to the home improvement store for additional parts.

I don't know why each attempt to do home repair of sprinklers requires so many trips, but I know that it does.  One of the benefits of starting Burbank Sprinkler is now I have hundreds of sprinkler parts in my truck.  Even for me supplying Burbank Sprinkler requires a daily review of the work planned and the parts required.  I have not yet mastered the less-than-one-trip-a-day to my supplier, but it is a goal I am working on.

Home repair of sprinklers is definitely something most do-it-yourself people can master.  Anyone who doesn't want to spend the day going back and forth from the store - just give me a call.

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