Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sprinkler tune up after all this rain

If you have weeds growing in your yard after all the rain we've had recently, I have good and bad news for you.  First the good - grass growing season is upon us and you can grow it from seed.  Seed is much less expensive than sod.  The bad news is your yard may now be covered in weeds from the recent rains.  For grass seed to flourish, the weeds need to be removed or sprayed with roundup or herbicide of your choice.  The spray should be applied on two consecutive dry days during the sunniest part of each day.  Then after three days the ground should be ready for seed.  The rain made the soil of Los Angeles much wetter than usual and easier than ever to rake.  First rake the soil with a rake designed for moving soil, not raking leaves.  Then spread the grass seed according to the directions on the bag.  Last cover the seed with seed topper.  Do not skip this step.  If you do not cover the grass seed, birds will eat all of it and your lawn will not grow.  If you want to add an addition bird deterrent, make a scare crow by attaching a black plastic bag to a 3ft tall stake and put it in the yard.  Water the grass seed for 2 minutes three times a day for two weeks and your lawn should be looking great.  Good luck and let us know if your sprinklers need tuning up!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Introducing Dean Talley!

Burbank Sprinkler has a new hire.  Dean Talley recently joined the team.  We are hoping to expand our service area to better serve our residential customers.  All the homeowners are very concerned about the drought and are coming to us to make sure their sprinkler systems are as efficient as possible.  We want to help everyone we can.

I'd like to thank everyone for their yelp reviews.  You have helped us grow!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanks for the workout!

I just want to give a shout out to all my customers who live on hillsides.  Walking up and down the slopes of your yards and driveways to make the 16 trips to my truck for parts has helped me lose 20 pounds.  My friends and family are amazed at the transformation and keep asking me what's my secret.  The secret is there are lots of sprinklers that need to be repaired in hard to reach places.  My workout consists of hiking up and down hills, crawling through bushes, and lots and lots of digging.  I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to all of you for helping my business become so successful and making me skinny in the process.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trick for Homeowners Repairing your own Sprinklers

Before I began Burbank Sprinkler I was a homeowner who attempted to repair my own sprinklers.  My take on this is that it is a two person task.  One person to stay and try and get some digging done and another to make the 16 trips to the home improvement store for additional parts.

I don't know why each attempt to do home repair of sprinklers requires so many trips, but I know that it does.  One of the benefits of starting Burbank Sprinkler is now I have hundreds of sprinkler parts in my truck.  Even for me supplying Burbank Sprinkler requires a daily review of the work planned and the parts required.  I have not yet mastered the less-than-one-trip-a-day to my supplier, but it is a goal I am working on.

Home repair of sprinklers is definitely something most do-it-yourself people can master.  Anyone who doesn't want to spend the day going back and forth from the store - just give me a call.